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You’re Issues are my issues

   While campaigning I have received many of your calls, emails, in-person requests and questions concerning the following key services and issues that I hope to improve:

  • Economic Development & Bringing new good paying jobs to the Goldendale area.
  • Equal representation for all of our people
  • New Hood River bridge
  • Balanced budget that serves all of Klickitat County
  • Community Development & Affordable Housing   
  • Community/Youth Centers
  • Assisted living center on both sides of the county
  • Mental health
  • Criminal Justice
  • Veterans Services
  • Senior Programs and Services
  • Youth Programs and Services
  • Broadband internet access

   I am running for County Commissioner for District 3 to represent the communities of Goldendale, Centerville, Bickleton, Cleveland, Alderdale, Roosevelt, and everywhere in between.  But I will work and fight for our entire county, and "All" of our people. Together we can enhance the quality of life for all of the residents of Klickitat County.

   The County Commissioners have a critical role in the growth of the region, and District 3 has a variety of unique strengths to build upon, and challenges to be transformed into opportunities.  There is nothing wrong with our County that can't be fixed with what is right with our County, and we can fix it, together.

My stand on the issues


Economic development

Whether you're discussing education, crime, infrastructure, health care, the environment, taxes, or regulation, I believe that all these issues relate back to jobs and our ability to recruit good companies and top talent to Klickitat County.

(Read More)

Community First

Putting Citizens & Community First (Read More)


Supporting Farming and Agriculture  (Read More)

Supporting Our Youth

Our youth deserve a shot at the American Dream (Read More)

Government Transparency

The People Demand Transparency (Read More)

Broadband internet access

Everyone deserves access to high steed internet. (Read More)

Pump Storage

Pump Storage (Read More)

Fiscal Responsibility

I believes in a balanced budget, spending within your means, saving, and cutting wasteful spending.

(Read More)

Equal distribution of resources

Equal distribution of county services and resources (Read More)

Mental health & Drug addiction

We have a huge Mental health & Drug addiction problem in our county. (Read More)

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