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Community First

   As your Commissioner, I will always be available to listen to your perspective on the issues you care about.  I know that local government can greatly impact your quality of life and your ability to make a living, so I strongly believe it’s important to be aware of how our decisions will affect all residents.


   I believe our citizen advisory boards should be made up a diverse spectrum of our residents. A diverse board made up of all groups of our people, and political parties will give us a broad range of ideas and solutions to our problem. Currently I think you need to have the correct last name and ideals to be appointed to many of citizens advisory boards.

   I plan to have an open door policy for not only ranchers and big business, but all residents of the county.  Because how can your elected official know what you need to make your quality of life better if they don't hear it directly from you.

   I want to see the residents more involved in the decision making process. I understand a lot of our residents can’t attend middle of the day county meetings because of work.  That’s why I plan to hold community forums and town halls in the evenings, as your voice is very important to me.


  As your commissioner I will push for the commissioner meeting to be videotaped or live streamed. Doing this will allow more county residents to be involved in their government. I believe community involvement is an important part of government over site.

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