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Government Transparency

"We the People" Demand Transparency

Transparency in all our governmental functions and operations is critical. The test, though, is what a person does when the light isn’t shining on them. You should be able to look into all operations of government and be assured things make sense and are what you would expect.

Right now we have a problem with behind closed door meetings and deals by special interests that are not discussed in the light of day. Everything should be discussed, and all deals should be made in the light of day in open public meetings.

My goal is going to be to make government more open, viewable, understandable, and something residents can be proud to witness. A government of, for, and by the people. The way it was intended.

A lot of people and groups have been pushing for these public meetings to be videotaped and payed on Facebook or YouTube for years. The answer is always "Not while I am sitting in this chair". Well, now I personally know why! The people really need to demand this Transparency! As your commissioner I will push for this or I will do it myself.

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