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Mental health & Drug addiction

We have a mental health crisis in Klickitat County and we need a commissioner that not only sees the problem but wants to help fix it.

   Right now it seems like our county’s only fix for our drug and mental health problem is incarceration in our county Jail. This is not a viable long term answer. Incarceration is also by far the most expensive answer. I would rather spend $10 in treatment now than $100 in incarceration later. Incarceration does not fix these issues and it makes it harder for these people to find jobs and become productive members of our communities. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s time we start thinking about prevention and treatment programs that will actually help fix this problem and serve our people as opposed to just locking them up.

  In 2019 I made a presentation to the commissioners about the fact that our mental health workers were not being paid by the county for work they were performing and that they needed more funds to get the job done. Now my opponent, Mr. Sizemore sits on the mental health board and he had no idea on what I was speaking of. He also had no idea that we have homeless people living in Goldendale. Now to his credit It took 6 months, but Mr. Sizemore and the commissioners paid our mental health workers and approved $18,000 in additional mental health funding.

   We need a commissioner that is one of the people. Someone involved in our communities and actually knows what’s going on in them.


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