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Economic development

    Whether you're discussing education, crime, infrastructure, health care, the environment, taxes, or regulation, I believe that all these issues relate back to jobs and our ability to recruit good companies and top talent to Klickitat County.

   We need sound growth management strategies that allow for development, while protecting our critical environmental areas. Any possibly of new development in these critical areas (must) be regulated in a way to make sure we are not causing harm to the environment or waterways in the area.  Currently I don’t feel that our county takes environmental or habitat protections seriously. I think they treat them more like speed bumps.

   The Klickitat County Board of Commissioners controls the funding for our county. Our communities need help to provide economic development and build infrastructure to create jobs and support growth. 

   Past commissioners used a now discontinued program of using landfill dollars to fund annual community grants. I want to bring this program back and give our cities the help they so desperately need to provide for their people.

    We will never have Economic development , Community development or Job creation in Goldendale with our current district 3 commissioner.  According to Mr. Sizemore Goldendale is fine the way it is and he is opposed to bringing new business or jobs to Goldendale.

   Well, I would like to tell Mr. Sizemore maybe after 8 years in office, he should start listening to his people for a change. His people want jobs, his seniors what more places to eat and shop, and his peoples children want a future.

   I understand that while the government can’t create jobs, it can certainly get in the way of industry creating jobs.  

    Our Commissioners have done a pretty good job with economic development on the west end of the county, now it’s time to institute policies that will help bring companies and good paying jobs to the east end of the county. The residents of Goldendale deserve good jobs.

    This is a problem because too many of our local students graduate from high school, but have to leave town and go north, south or east to obtain work thus separating families.

    By attracting high-paying jobs to our area, we can provide a stronger foundation for our local economy, and build a broader industrial tax base to reduce the property tax burden on homeowners, thus providing for stronger closer families.

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