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Supporting Our Youth

As your County Commissioner I am going to be on your side when it comes to supporting our youth.


  • On 4/2/19 Mr. Sizemore was opposed to the County giving $1500 to Goldendale High school to take the Kids to colleges and tech schools for career day saying he feels it is “a waste of money in Goldendale” , but that he was Ok with $1500 going to Columbia High School in White Salmon. In the end he was persuaded by the other commissioners to give to both schools equally.
    Yes, Mr. Sizemore actually said this. I was so shocked I almost dropped my pencil.  A comment like this sure wouldn’t make the minutes. This happened, period!


  • On 5/28/19 the commission was asked on behalf of a youth group if it could wave the rental user fees the county charges for use of the fairgrounds. The plan was that this youth group could use this savings to help more at risk youth in our area, Mr. Sizemore said No!

  I was the one that asked for this waiver, and the club is on record (in the minutes) as being in the room, and publicly thanking me afterwards on Facebook for trying.

  So what happens is the commissioners don’t waive the fees for this group of kids, they trade 50% of the fees for the clubs child labor. This Christian youth club gets a 50% user fee reduction if the kids spend camp time working on the fairgrounds. Painting, pulling weeds, etc. I asked the commissioners if they would “waive” (Not charge) the about $4000 in user fees or some of them , so this rodeo bible camp  and these kids could concentrate on camp, not doing the county's work. The money the club saves could be used to sign up more at risk youth of family’s that don’t have the money to attend. Mr. Sizemore didn’t like the idea, he wanted the workers. He then asked Public Works if they could find more work for the kids. That's not what I petitioned for and not what the youth group wants. Two weeks later, when I again asked if they would “waive” (Not charge) the fees Mr. Sizemore personally said NO!


   I believe the children in our community are not a waste of money. I believe they deserve more from someone elected to serve them.


    Our local youth’s futures are in real jeopardy. Over a year ago when I asked Mr. Sizemore, when Goldendale has 75-80% of the counties at risk youth why is it that the only county-funded youth center is in White Salmon.  First, he didn’t even know that we had the majority of at risk youth, but even with that new knowledge he has done nothing for the youth in our community nor has he fixed that problem. Our teen suicide and drug use rates are WAY too high. It's long past time that we get to work on this issue and protect our children. The county passing the buck by giving $4,000 to the big school district and $2000 to the smaller school districts every year and thinking this is the fix, is just not the correct answer to this problem.


   We also need to reexamine our youth programs and services to see what is working for our youth and what isn’t. It’s time we get our communities involved to find solutions to the problems troubling our youth.


  It's time our youth stop being neglected and mistreated by our elected officials.  It's time we elect someone that hasn't lost touch with their community, and that cares enough to see and fix the problems facing our youth.


   I can guarantee you that if we support and defend our youth, they will grow up to repay us in ways that you cannot even imagine! 

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